Chrome CRV1+CPS shower enclosure / 80
Chrome CRV1+CPS shower enclosure / 80
Chrome CRV1+CPS shower enclosure / 80
Chrome CRV1+CPS shower enclosure / 80

Chrome CRV1+CPS shower enclosure / 80

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Create a square or rectangular enclosure by combination of a shower door and a fixed wall. In addition, it will be easy to put a washbasin or a washing machine next to the fixed wall. A rectangular shower cubicle provides more comfortable showering. Consider using the size 80 x 100 cm instead of 90 x 90 cm. It will cover the same area, but the rectangular arrangement will increase the value.

For the completion of the shower enclosure, at least 2 items of the product must be ordered. 

  • dimensions: CRV1 80. 90, 100 cm / CPS 80, 90, 100 cm
  • type: a reversible product (L/R)
  • colour: profiles - white, glossy Alubright, Satin
  • safety glass panelling: 6 mm; Transparent
  • height: 195 cm
  • warranty: 5 years

The fixed wall is not designed for separate application. The fixed wall includes a support bar. The fixed wall combines only with the CRV1 and CRV2 units. The product is installed in a tiled bathroom corner on the RAVAK PERSEUS PRO, PERSEUS PRO CHROME, PERSEUS PRO FLAT shower trays or directly on the floor with a built-in channel drain or floor drain.

You can replace the standard wall profile included with Chrome products with our new CNPS extending wall profile. By replacing the standard wall profile with the CNPS extending wall profile, the product can be extended by another 2 cm.

5-year Warranty6 mm Glass ThicknessAntiCalc Glass ProtectionConceptsRise Hinge MechanismL/R Variant 180°
1QV40C01Z1 780 - 800 x 1950 Shower corner CRV1-80 bright alu +glass Transparent
1QV40U01Z1 Shower corner CRV1-80 satin + glass Transparent
1QV40101Z1 Shower corner CRV1-80 white+ glass Transparent
1QV70C01Z1 880 - 900 x 1950 Shower corner CRV1-90 bright alu+glass Transparent
1QV70U01Z1 Shower corner CRV1-90 satin+glass Transparent
1QV70101Z1 Shower corner CRV1-90 white+glass Transparent
1QVA0C01Z1 980 - 1000 x 1950 Shower corner CRV1-100 bright alu+glass Transparent
1QVA0U01Z1 Shower corner CRV1-100 satin+glass Transparent
1QVA0101Z1 Shower corner CRV1-100 white+glass Transparent
9QV40C00Z1 780 - 800 x 1950 Shower fixed wall CPS-80 bright alu+Transparent
9QV40U00Z1 Shower fixed wall CPS-80 satin+Transparent
9QV40100Z1 Shower fixed wall CPS-80 white+Transparent
9QV70C00Z1 880 - 900 x 1950 Shower fixed wall CPS-90 bright alu+Transparent
9QV70U00Z1 Shower fixed wall CPS-90 satin+Transparent
9QV70100Z1 Shower fixed wall CPS-90 white+Transparent
9QVA0C00Z1 980 - 1000 x 1950 Shower fixed wall CPS-100 bright alu+Transparent
9QVA0U00Z1 Shower fixed wall CPS-100 satin+Transparent
9QVA0100Z1 Shower fixed wall CPS-100 white+Transparent