Rosa II bathtub
Rosa II bathtub
Rosa II bathtub
Rosa II bathtub
Rosa II bathtub
Rosa II bathtub
Rosa II bathtub

Rosa II bathtub

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A clever bathtub with s refreshed design. The Rosa II bathtub is the latest model in the Rosa series designed by the world-famous Design Storz designers. In addition to the unique design, it has an originally designed front panel, which simplifies access to the bathtub. Comfortable lying during a bath in the Rosa bathtubs is natural, but together with a screen, they also provide a wide shower enclosure. Their shower area has a broad flat bottom and an integrated seat. You can therefore have a shower comfortably standing with the width of the upper space in the shoulder area up to 105 cm according to the particular size of the bathtub. The potential for relaxation is also provided by soft headrests and practical handrails for climbing out of the bathtub. With the Rosa bathtubs, you can buy further components in the Rosa concept. Your bathroom can thus include a washbasin, furniture, taps, a screen and other accessories in a unified design based on the shape of the bathtub.

  • Dimensions: 150/ 160/ 170 x 105 cm
  • Material: Cast acrylic
  • Reinforcement: LA – fiberglass
  • Capacity: 210. 235. 260 litres
  • Design: Left-handed and right-handed (L/R)
  • Bathtub screen: CVSK1, VSK2
  • Warranty: 10 years - the warranty is contingent on the buyer using original RAVAK supports (legs) for the given type of bath in accordance with the assembly manual.
  • Accessories: Front panel, bathtub drainage set, headrest, handrails

The Rosa II bathtub can be supplemented by a VSK2 or CVSK1 bathtub screen. We recommend adding a front panel, bathtub drainage set, handrail and headrest. The bathtub can be reinforced by fiberglass (LA). The bathtub has a matching suite of products you can purchase for the whole bathroom including a washbasin, furniture, mirror and tap.

10-year warrantyConceptsL/R VariantVolume: 210/235/260 lBathtub weight 26/29/32 kg
CK21000000 1500 x 1050 Bathtub ROSA II L 150x105 snowwhite
CJ21000000 Bathtub ROSA II R 150x105 snowwhite
CM21000000 1600 x 1050 Bathtub ROSA II L 160x105 snowwhite
CL21000000 Bathtub ROSA II R 160x105 snowwhite
C221000000 1700 x 1050 Bathtub ROSA II L 170x105 snowwhite
C421000000 Bathtub ROSA II P 170x105 snowwhite
CY55000000 Support for bathtub ROSA Universal
CZK1200A00 Panel A ROSA II L 150 cm snowwhite
CZJ1200A00 Panel A ROSA II R 150 cm snowwhite
CZM1200A00 Panel A ROSA II L 160 cm snowwhite
CZL1200A00 Panel A ROSA II R 160 cm snowwhite
CZ21200A00 Panel A ROSA II L 170 cm snowwhite
CZ41200A00 Panel A ROSA II 170 cm snowwhite
B23000100N Panelkit ROSA Universal
B5300000L0 RAVAK Bathtub Handle Rosa L stainless
B5300000P0 RAVAK Bathtub Handle Rosa R stainless
76L8010041 Bath screen VSK2 ROSA 150 L white+polystyrene Rain
76P8010041 Bath screen VSK2 ROSA 150 P white+polystyrene Rain
76L80100Z1 Bath screen VSK2 ROSA 150 L white+glass Transparent
76P80100Z1 Bath screen VSK2 ROSA 150 R white+glass Transparent
76L9010041 Bath screen VSK2 ROSA 160 L white+polystyrene Rain
76P9010041 Bath screen VSK2 ROSA 160 P white+polystyrene Rain
76L90100Z1 Bath screen VSK2 ROSA 160 L white+glass Transparent
76P90100Z1 Bath screen VSK2 ROSA 160 R white+glass Transparent
76LB010041 Bath screen VSK2 ROSA II 170 L polystyrene Rain
76PB010041 Bath screen VSK2 ROSA II 170 R polystyrene Rain
76LB0100Z1 Bath screen VSK2 ROSA II 170 L glass Transparent
76PB0100Z1 Bath screen VSK2 ROSA II 170 R glass Transparent
B110000001 Holder VSK2 short
B120000001 Holder VSK2 long
X01305 Bathtub siphon 570 B R/R chrome
X01377 Bathtub siphon 570 C-C R/R chrome