SmartLine SMPS fixed wall
SmartLine SMPS fixed wall
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SmartLine SMPS fixed wall

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An ideal partner for the SMSD2 shower door. By their combination, you will obtain a modern shower enclosure with dimensions corresponding to your needs.

  • Dimensions: 80, 90, 100 cm
  • Type: Left-handed and right-handed (L/R)
  • Colour: Hinges, handles, grips in chrome finish
  • Safety glass panelling: 6 mm; Transparent
  • Height: 190 cm
  • Warranty: 5 years

The wall can also be used separately as a partition in the bathroom and is particularly ideal for combination with the shower doors. The version is determined by the SMSD2 shower door (the left fixed wall is used with the left door). It is installed in a tiled corner of the bathroom on the RAVAK Angela, Perseus, Perseus Pro, Perseus Pro FLAT, Perseus Pro Chrome, Gigant Pro, Gigant Pro Flat, Gigant Pro Chrome shower trays or directly on the floor with a built-in drain channel or floor drain. It is possible to compensate for structural imperfections using the wall rail (up to 1.5 cm on each side).

5-year Warranty6 mm Glass ThicknessAntiCalc Glass Protection
9SL40A00Z1 785-800x785-800x1900 Shower fixed wall SMPS-80 L chrom+glass Transparent
9SP40A00Z1 Shower fixed wall SMPS-80 R chrom+glass Transparent
9SL70A00Z1 885-900x885-900x1900 Shower fixed wall SMPS-90 L chrom+glass Transparent
9SP70A00Z1 Shower fixed wall SMPS-90 R chrom+glass Transparent
9SLA0A00Z1 985-1000x985-1000x1900 Shower fixed wall SMPS-100 L chrom+glass Transparent
9SPA0A00Z1 Shower fixed wall SMPS-100 R chrom+glass Transparent